2013Almarzalogo-1“We are a company with great success at metallurgy. Exxis has been a big help to our growth, giving the solutions we, as a company, need”.MetallurgyGoDownloadWatch
2013Arysta LifescienceBusiness Processes integration with real time information accessAgrochemicalGoDownload
2013BO Packaging“We have had a real close business relationship with SAP and Exxis. Exxis has been essential for our company, with great quality as consultants”PackingGoWatch
2013Club Deportivo
Universidad Católica
The importance of having the necessary reports to each of our Managers, helping at taking decisions, is huge. To have total control of the administration with a friendly platform is also grateful.Sports ClubGoDownloadWatch
2013MK, Inmensamente
SAP BO gave great vision and control throughout the complete cycle of the materials, from the purchase until the end of the operation.RetailGoDownloadWatch
2013Pastelerías CoryBetter analysis capacity in short time, helping to improve processes.FoodGoDownloadWatch
2013Empack“SAP covers all of our information requirements, it is the central ERP of our company, trusting in Exxis 9 years already”PackingGoWatch
2013EOS LibrosSAP Business One has everything a current company needs.BookstoreGoWatch
2013Eurocopter“We sell, do the maintenance and do training helicopters and pilots. Since 2009 we decided to make an improvement at the information systems. We chose, like our head office, Sap Business One and Exxis as partner among a large number of suppliers”AeronauticsGoWatch
2013Fibra“We are a company producing specific products, and due to our nature as corporation, we needed a way to control costs, finances and production in a simple, fast and friendly way.”ManufactureGoDownload
2013Flora Center“We are really impressed with Exxis and the SAP Business One product. It has been a great learning process. We realize how this product will be a great help for our company’s present and future”.FlowersGoDownloadWatch
2013Hagraf SAlogo-12“Every and each of our company’s areas has improved processes, allowing us to manage a better, more precise, complete and more secure information. One of the biggest benefits when implementing Sap Business One is the fast information we can get from our clients”.PrintingGoWatch
2013Plásticos Hoffenslogo-13We now have a system that gives us a perfect integration at inventory, production and financial information to control our management.FlowersGoDownloadWatch
2013IDT“Thanks to Exxis and its SPA Business One and Add On projects we have had a complete improvement in our projects’ administration from the offer’s preparation to the final delivery”.ManufactureGoDownload
2013ImelAccelerates the internal processes, improving the data quality and simplifies the authorization processes.ManufactureGoDownload
2013Lo Saldes
y Cía. Ltda
“The company is more efficient now and that’s because we make better decisions since we have more accurate information from all of our areas. SAP helps and organizes information, which generates better results”.Bakery and Coffee shopGoDownload
2013Mosaico“The necessity to have a better system came when we needed better information in order to make better decisions. SAP Business One was the correct solution, incorporating better performances and giving centralized information, online and trustable”.IronmongersGoDownloadWatch
2013Transportes Nazar“We decided to buy SAP because of Exxis. We can now develop and improve our systems, being helped by Add-on”TransportGoWatch
2013Nefex“The solutions we wanted was not just an improvement at sales, but also in accountings, forecst and production. SAP had all of the platforms we needed”TiresGoDownload
2013New Trade“Along with SAP Business One we have the opportunity to improve the on-line management and the Exxis work has been a great support”ManufactureGoDownloadWatch
2013Comercial Prodin“After managing our production system, we needed a complement to manage in a better fashion our information, so after evaluating different alternatives, we chose SAL Business One as the best for our business”.EngineeringGoWatch
2013Pullman BusOur company is updated thanks to SAP Business One.TransportGoDownload
2013RentapackOur users can make much easier processes to obtain reports.TransportGoDownload
2013Scanavini“It’s been a very efficient and agile way to operate. Something really good about this applications us that made us improve huge in operations”.ManufactureGoWatch
2013Sparta“We found our systems were not longer able to make us grow as we wanted… So SAP Business One Analytics came to our help”Sports StoreGoDownloadWatch
2014SportlifeAll of the administrative processes got centralized. Easy to get important data for our business, automating sales reports, payments and purchase orders.ServicesGoDownloadWatch
2013Veterinaria Las Condes“Our medical center has been present for 42 years on business. We chose SAP Business One and we think our standards will go higher and will give a better service to our customers”.VeterinaryGoWatch
2013Vidrios Dell Orto“We have a 4 years business relationship with Exxis and SAP. With them, we have implemented accounts receivable, accounts payable, electronic invoicing and more and thaks to it, our company brings a better service to our clients”Glass FactoryGoDownloadWatch
2013Aceros VillalbaWe could obtain trustable reports, with coherent data and were able to upload historical data from others sources.ManufactureGoDownloadWatch
2013María Angélica Vanni“Our company can take care of more than 20.000 clients monthly, offering an integral service. We chose SAP Business One considering it the best for our necessities”.PackingGoWatch
2013Ward Van Lines“Somos la empresa de mudanzas internacionales más grande del mercado, escogimos Sap Business One hace un tiempo, y luego decidimos cambiarnos con Exxis como Partner SAP. Encontramos el servicio que esperábamos”.Transport and LogisticsGoWatch
2014VM Glass“EXXIS along with their project managers, managers and consultants gave us a great satisfaction, guarantee and trust when developing this project.”Glass FactoryGoWatch
2014Premium Brands“We could simplify our processes, being more agile when distributing and faster with our clients and suppliers’ information. Thanks to that, we could minimize costs”.Luxury Brands MarketGoWatch
2014Perfumame“The EXXIS support at our new business era has been really good, allowing us to have better information about the business, having a better view of our company”Perfumes MarketGoWatch
2014DyC“The relevant necessity was to organize, to have control and to incorporate better performance of the company. SAPB1 was the best we found in the market because they gave us convenient and opportune responses”ContainersGoWatch
2014Zarzartex“The experience with EXXIS can be described as a great and professional team, trustable above all. They have accomplished all what was proposed”Textile MarketGoWatch
2015Tecno Fast“We chose SAPB1 because of the large number of operations we have as a company. The experience with EXXIS is real good. The consultants always achieved what was proposed and the after-sales service is great. We decided to work with Exxis in Brazil, Colombia and Perú”Modular CosntructionGoWatch
2015Coexpan“We chose SAP Business One because of its fast implementation service with a worldwide reputation, good practices and a great support. Our experience with EXXIS is the best. We had several options but we made the best decision”PackagingGoWatch
2015Transvip“When we made the decision to change the ERP, several systems were evaluated. Why SAP? The prestige, the brand and the system’s trustworthiness are the reasons, besides they had all the platforms we needed. Why EXXIS? We had the best references. The planning meetings gave us vast trust and we were sure things could be done great”TransportGoWatch
2015Pesco“With SAP, we now have an inventory trace so we can control the margins, giving profit to our business. The greatest benefit has to do personnel management, reflected in better results for our company”.Mining EquipmentGoWatch